A Dramatically Correct Lensography

Welcome to my Lensography!

Who is that masked thespian? Known online as Avgsuperheroine, I'm the creator of Dramatically Correct, a website dedicated to all things theatrical.

I began volunteering in community theatres at the age of 14, thanks to two mentors. After volunteering for community theatre and a few High School shows for four years, I decided not to go to college to learn accounting, but to pursue my love of theatre in the Midwest.

Once out of school, I moved to a small town with a fantastic community theatre. I worked there as a costume shop manager for about a decade and then went on to pursue a career outside of the non-profit sector.

In my many years of working in theatre, around theatre, for theatre, and with theatre folks (nothin like 'em!), it's hard to let it all go. I spent my time as a director, costume designer, quick change designer, lighting designer, light board operator, and sometimes actress (if there was a pleasingly delicious ditzy blonde character that didn't need singing ability available). So now that I have no time for late, late nights setting lights--I spend my late nights cozy at home working on my website, blog, lenses and gift designs.

Squidoo! What Led Me Here.

What led me to Squidoo? I wrote my first lens, Community Theatre Fundraising Ideas when I was taking down an old blog and didn't want to lose my content. I put it up, let it sort of "hang out" for about two years and came back to see that I had earned...*drumroll* $0.02! Woot!

Well it was my own fault. I didn't research what made a good lens, I didn't know anything about HTML or keywords. I didn't know how to make a great lens yet. So I did some research and put a lot of work back into my lens. A week later, I was blessed by an angel! Awesome. Then I wrote another couple of lenses and then made a sale! Then I wrote my fourth lens which was also blessed. What an exciting couple of months.

I really enjoy working on all of my Dramatically Correct projects, and this site adds a lot of fun elements to doing work online. It's boosted up my Zazzle sales and given me some more fun things to write about! So far I really love it.

So What's With the Name? - Where did "Avgsuperheroine" come from?

I know most folks can figure out the Dramatically Correct name, but I do get asked where the "Avgsuperheroine" name came from. Avgsuperheroine has always been my online pseudonym, starting in the late 90s. As a teen I saw the Blue Meanies play at Club Toast in Burlington, VT and heard their song called "Average American Superhero", so I spun Avgsuperheroine off of that song.

  • Waitress on a ski mountain.
  • Accounting Intern for a business that manages low-income housing properties.
  • Sales Clerk at a cider mill, a gift shop, a furniture store and a jewelry store.
  • Housekeeper at a nursing home and at a movie theatre.
  • Costume Shop Manager at a community theatre.
  • Program Director at a local government office.

My Top 5 Favorite Books

I do love to read. I go through phases of reading books or working on my website and t-shirt designs. Right now, I'm in "Squidoo Mode"! Here are some of my favorite books and authors from my "Reading Mode"!

Cakes! I like to Make Cakes. - And eat them too.

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My Top 5 Favorite Movies

I used to spend a lot of time watching movies. I do that less now but I do still have some favorites. Check these out if you haven't yet!

 Last updated on March 23, 2014

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WindyWintersHubs profile image

WindyWintersHubs 3 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

Hi. Thanks for sharing your hobbies, interests and work. Love that Ice Cream Cone Cake!

anonymous 3 years ago

I love your lensography. You're a very talented lensmaster. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

avgsuperheroine profile image

avgsuperheroine 3 years ago Hub Author

@anonymous: Thank you!

Virginia Allain profile image

Virginia Allain 3 years ago from Central Florida Level 5 Commenter

Pleased to meet you and see all the great topics you have!

anonymous 2 years ago

Hi, Bonnie! It was good getting to know about you through this lens. I love the pictures of the cakes you made - your cakes are really cool! My brother is a drama teacher and through him I ended up with small parts in several community theatre prodcutions. It was an awesome experience. I look forward to visiting more of your lenses. All the best.

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